Meals at arena

Lunch meals at arena need to be pre-book through webpage. Further information regarding booking of lunch meals will be available closer to event.

When buying a lunch pack, you’ll order the main dish, 1 piece of fruit or sweet dessert, 1 bread and 1 bottle of water. The menu for each day will be available when we release detailed information about the meals (closer to the event).

Buying your lunch pack in advance will cost you less money and will guarantee that you’ll be served with the lunch pack. Your booking will be confirmed only after full payment – information regarding payment will be displayed on O-Portugal meal booking webpage.

During the event we’ll be selling other “smaller” products like drinks, sandwiches, cakes, fruit, meat on bread/hamburger/hot-dog, etc. However, if you want a “proper” lunch, you must book it in advance. Organizers will order more lunch packs than necessary for those how forgot to book, however it’ll be more expensive and limited to the availability.