Middle distance WRE

Quinta das Lameiras map – Sunday 29th May

Aguiar da Beira “O” Meeting Middle distance will count to the IOF World Ranking Event.

All W20, M20, W21E and M21E must entry for Middle WRE also on EVENTOR to get their points for the World Ranking!

Map maker: Tiago Aires

Course setting: Bruno Nazário & Rafael Miguel

Parking: Use the official parking for ABOM 2022 Arena. Please respect the embargoed areas and follow Organizers’ instructions.
Distance from parking to arena: 450 to 550 meters

Courses information

Quarantine for 20 and Elite classes: Athletes from W20/W21Elite and M20/M21Elite must go to the Start area until 10h45! Once at the start zone, athletes are considered to be “inside quarantine”. At the zone, and after 10h45, it is forbidden to use smartphones of similar devices. Organizers will not control this “quarantine zone”, appealing to everyone’s fair play!
If needed, runners can transport a small bag and leave it with the start team. After the start is finished, organizers will transport those items to the Event Office at arena.

Refreshment point: There will be water on the start location.
All the courses will have one passage though a refreshment point.
At the refreshment point only water will be provided, served on plastic cups. Each refreshment has one garbage bag. Please do not carry the plastic cups far away from each refreshment point location.
All refreshment points will be marked on map using symbol 713 Refreshment point. Those places are located on paths.

Arena passage: There will be an arena passage for W20/W21Elite and M21/M21Elite courses. These courses will punch the last control (control code 200) twice. At the first punch athletes must enter the finish corridor and, after about 20 meters, the corridor will be divided in two. At that place, runners must go through the left corridor. At the second punch of control 200, athletes must enter the finish corridor and keep on the right side until the reaching the Finish.

Map change: W20/W21Elite and M20/M21Elite will have a map change on the arena passage. The course’s part 1 will stop at the control code 200. When flipping the map to part 2, athletes will find a second start triangle at the end of the arena passagem corridor.
Part 1 and part 2 are on the same sheet – front and back. At the start, runners will get their maps with part 1 facing up.

Taped legs/controls: On W10, M10, W12, M12, Easy Short and Easy Long there will be 1 or 2 taped legs due to the inexistence of paths in the area. Between those controls runners will find plastic white/red tape. These legs/controls are properly identified, both in map and control description.

Other people in the terrain: Runners must expect to find Media personal as photographs and videographers.

Start procedure:

Arena Scheme:

EscalãoDistância (km)PontosDesnível (m)Escala
M102,3 km12301:7500
M122,3 km13401:7500
M142,4 km13801:10000
M163,0 km131001:10000
M183,6 km161251:10000
M205,7 km212101:10000
M21A3,6 km161251:10000
M21B3,4 km141001:10000
M21E5,7 km212101:10000
M354,3 km181451:10000
M404,3 km181451:10000
M453,7 km181301:10000
M503,7 km181301:10000
M553,3 km141151:10000
M603,3 km141151:10000
M652,8 km12901:7500
M702,8 km12901:7500
M751,8 km8451:7500
M801,8 km8451:7500
W102,3 km12301:7500
W122,3 km13401:7500
W142,4 km13801:10000
W162,7 km13801:10000
W183,1 km141101:10000
W204,7 km161501:10000
W21A3,1 km141101:10000
W21B2,5 km13751:10000
W21E4,7 km161501:10000
W353,2 km131101:10000
W403,2 km131101:10000
W452,8 km111001:10000
W502,8 km111001:10000
W552,4 km10751:10000
W602,4 km10751:10000
W651,8 km8451:7500
W701,8 km8451:7500
W751,8 km8451:7500
Difficult Long4,3 km151551:10000
Difficult Short2,6 km11801:10000
Easy Long3,1 km14601:10000
Easy Short2,3 km13401:7500